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Choristry Performance

Choristry is dedicated to performing beautiful and diverse choral music to the highest standard.  We are a fully auditioned choir.  Our members include alumni of the National Youth Choir of Australia,  students and graduates of vocal performance degrees along with singers who have come through university and school choirs or performed with other auditioned choirs.

The main characteristics and skills of a Choristry singer are:

  • musicality (phrasing, expression, all of the elements beyond the right notes),
  • vocal technique (tone, vocal control, continual learning),
  • at least some sight-singing ability is strongly preferred,
  • competence and focus (punctuality, preparedness, communication),
  • able to use email, Google docs, websites and on-line surveys, and
  • contribution and participation to the vision of the choir.

We are seeking experienced experienced tenors and basses to join us for our concert season.  If you are interested in joining Choristry, you can arrange an audition by completing this application form.

Choristry Audition Form

The fine print

Audition process Our auditions are very low key and consist of: a quick discussion about your singing background, a range check for section placement and a sight singing check. After your audition, we ask that you stay for our rehearsal that night.

Costs associated with being a singer in Choristry: Unlike a number of other choirs, we do not charge membership fees. Instead, we ask the following:

  • Each singer purchases and/or prints their own scores. This varies per concert but can cost ~$40.
  • Singers participating in a Choristry programmed performance are asked to purchase 4 x $25 discounted tickets = $100 . These tickets may be on-sold or gifted, as you desire.

Attendance Policy: We expect that singers can be available for rehearsals for this concert. 100% attendance is ideal!  It is detrimental to the quality of the ensemble’s performance to have singers missing or late during rehearsals.  Choristry rehearses in Collingwood  on Tuesday evening from 7.15pm to 9:45pm with a 10-15 minute break. Each concert has between 9 and 12 rehearsals prior to the dress rehearsal.